Fix the Convince- Marketing Optimization

Lead Nurturing Content Strategy with Marketing Automation

November 6, 2020

Lead nurturing, email marketing cadence, or whatever you call the process of email marketing sequences, is critical to engage potential prospects to consider your firm. Build trust, mix with offers, but don't over do it.  There's a process here, and it's discussed with Genoo founder Kim Albee.  Genoo is a low-cost but robust marketing automation platform that integrates with WordPress.  As always it's not the tool, it's the strategy.  How to convince prospects with email messaging. 

Kim is the founder and President of Genoo, which leads the field in inbox deliverability across the email service providing industry. She is also the founder of the B2B Online Marketing group on LinkedIn.  She is an expert in using email marketing to build relationships and engagement with your perfect potential customers, and has helped hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs build email engagement engines for their business that has helped to fuel their growth



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