Fix the Convince- Marketing Optimization

How to Maximize ROI & Revenue Generation with Marketing Mix Modeling

May 1, 2020

Learn the concept of MMM, or Marketing Mix Modeling.  

Marketing mix modeling measures the potential value of all marketing inputs and identifies marketing investments that are most likely to produce long term revenue growth.   It’s a characterized as a statistical modelling that seeks to identify the relationship between your marketing spend in each individual channel, online and physical.

This interesting topic is presented by my guest Christine Crandell.  She is President of New Business Strategies, a B2B customer experience and strategy consulting firm. She is a recognized expert in customer experience transformation, strategy and growth marketing.  A frequent speaker, Christine is quoted in several books and has been recognized with several industry awards. She has published over 300 articles on strategy, customer experience, and sales and marketing alignment. Christine is the author of Sellers’ Compass®, a time-proven, a methodology for operationalizing customer experience by aligning corporate strategy, culture, leadership and technology. She can be reached at

And I'm Paul Mosenson, the host of Fix the Convince and Founder of NuSpark Consulting, a marketing optimization consultancy for firms of all sizes and categories

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