Fix the Convince- Marketing Optimization

Website Revenue Optimization for B2B. More than Conversion Optimization!

September 19, 2020

We're all looking to generate more revenue from our website.  A challenge for B2B; it's not just lead generation but quality lead generation throughout the funnel.  Conversion optimization to revenue optimization is a business transformation process, led my my guest, Arun Sivashankaran, founder of FunnelEnvy, a provider of website revenue optimization services and technology for B2B and demand generation marketers.  Learn about this compelling process of website revenue optimization. It's an insightful (and a little technical) conversation.


Arun is a engineer who fell in love with data-driven marketing and together with his team has helped fast growing startups and large enterprises generate millions more in incremental pipeline & revenue from their existing website traffic. He speaks at numerous industry events and has been featured in guest interviews and podcasts over the years

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