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Know what a Sending Platform Is? Engage with Prospects with Automated Direct Mail

July 31, 2020

That's right. Direct Mail as part of a nurture or ABM campaign. Send postcards, e-gifts, mugs, etc as part of your B2B marketing campaigns. How? With Sendoso.  Today's discussion is with the CMO of Sendoso, Dan Frohnen.  A great podcast. 


Dan isn’t your typical tech marketer.  Before starting work in B2B SaaS, he spent 10 years in Music Publishing selling hard goods to retail.  He’s knows how to do fax marketing and direct mail, in addition to modern tactics.  He know put all of this knowledge to use as the CMO of Sendoso, a fast growing B2B tech company that providers marketing and sales teams tools to send direct mail and gifts at scale to targeted audiences.  


I'm Paul Mosenson, the host of Fix the Convince and Founder of NuSpark Consulting, a marketing optimization consultancy for firms of all sizes and categories

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