Fix the Convince- Marketing Optimization

How the right words and messages drive increased conversions. Trust!

April 24, 2021

Words on your website, words in your emails, words in your ads, are really a key to driving engagement and conversion rate increase.  Words and style contribute to your brand, and build trust.  Trust encourages clicks. Trust encourages sales. Join me with Randye S. Spina, a long-time communications professional, as we discuss the power of messaging.  Randye is a Marketing and Communications professional whose corporate career included senior level positions in Financial Services and the Travel industry before evolving into Higher Education and Consulting, having owned an agency for 13 years.  She has worked with hundreds of businesses, and built a long list of successes with start-ups including creating, building, scaling, then managing marketing campaigns. She now is one of the consultants with Your Revenue Growth Team.

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